LifeTree Books

Publishing books that help readers apply the Bible’s truths in every area of life

Ideal for small groups and individuals


LifeTree Books publishes Bible-based books with insights and practical tools to help readers in every area of their daily lives. Each book is written for both individual and group study.

These books are:

  Biblical. They help readers see how to turn to the Bible and apply it to their daily lives.

  Reader-friendly. The writing is straightforward, with text that is presented in small, easily digested portions, making the books easy to read.

  Practical. These books go beyond just telling people they should change. They show readers how to change, answering many common questions people have.

  Interactive. Personal application questions throughout each book prompt readers to apply God’s Word in their lives.







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5 Series, 22 Books


Marriage by the Book

Strengthen every aspect of your marriage, from communication to sex. Read all eight Bible-based books as a series, or choose individual books of interest. Click here to read more about this series.

Laying a Solid Foundation
Making Christ the Cornerstone
Encouraging Your Spouse
Extending Grace to Your Mate
Talking with Respect and Love
Improving Your Teamwork
Putting Money in its Place
Celebrating Intimacy and Romance


Living Free

Experience the peace and joy Jesus offers — regardless of your circumstances — as you read these practical, Bible-based books.

Breaking Free from Drugs and Alcohol
Conquering Depression
Defeating Temptation
Healing Life’s Hurts
Overcoming Jealousy and Insecurity
Strengthening Your Marriage
Victory Over Grumpiness, Irritation, and Anger
Who Do You Think You Are?


Successful Christian Parenting

Nurture your children with insight, discipline them with love, and prepare them to make good choices as they go through life. Both of these Bible-based books are written for parents of children 1-18 years of age. Click here to read more about this series.

Parenting Foundations
Preparing Your Child for Life


Growing in Christ (Discipleship)

Enjoy God’s forgiveness and love, understand the Bible, pray effectively, and follow Jesus in all areas of your life. Read these Bible-based books as a series, or choose individual books of interest. Click here to read more about this series.

Getting Started, Getting Connected
First Things First
Living by Grace


Small Groups

Lead successful small groups, handle common problems gracefully, and help group members grow in their relationship with Jesus.

How to Lead a Christ-Centered Small Group
(Note: A small group leader’s guide is included at the back of each book.)